Western Antislavery Papers Project

The nineteenth-century antislavery movement has long been associated with New England and the “burned over” region of upstate New York, but abolition was equally strong in the West. Defined here as western Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Michigan, the West  was home to a unique reform movement that sought to end slavery in the United States. Regional reformers cooperated with their Eastern counterparts, but also developed their own unique ideology and tactics that addressed western concerns.

The Western Antislavery Papers project explores the activities and actions of individuals and groups committed to the abolition movement in this region. Aimed at making resources and documents available to scholars, students, and other interested individuals, the project is digitizing and editing original documents, publishing them here for easy access.

The first phase of the project involves over 800 documents related to the Sutliff Family from Trumbull County, Ohio and can be found at the link below.

Phase 1: The Sutliff Family Papers